First Public Workshop (March 25)

The City of Glendale hosted the first public workshop for the Glendale 2040 General Plan on Wednesday, March 25, 2015 at the Glendale Civic Center Annex, 5750 W Glenn Drive, Glendale.

At this meeting, community members had the opportunity to learn about the general plan process and were provided with an opportunity to ask questions and provide their input into the development of the plan. The meeting included an interactive audience polling activity, where attendees were asked questions and were allowed to respond in real-time using handheld remotes to vote their answers. At the end of the polling period for each question, a graph of the responses was generated and shown on the projector screen. Attendees were also asked to provide input on the issues and opportunities that should be addressed in the update.

The Glendale 2040 General Plan update will include all of the topics (called "elements") that are covered in the current General Plan (such as Land Use, Growth Areas, Circulation, Energy and Neighborhood Preservation Elements), as well as add some new topics required by Arizona law and local needs (such as Energy and Neighborhood Preservation).

In order to develop a plan that is responsive to local needs, input from the community is essential. This workshop was the first of two on the update process. Second public workshop is planned to be held in the fall of 2015. Public hearings will also be held in the spring of 2016 when the Draft General Plan is released for public review and comment.

Click here to download a copy of the presentation that was given at the workshop, which includes the results of the audience polling questions.

Click here to download a list of the issues and opportunities that were identified through public input at the workshop.

Click here for a link to an article about the public workshop.

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Community Involvement

The City of Glendale recognizes the importance of a multi-level outreach program that successfully engages the broad demographic spectrum of Glendale residents and businesses. We have designed an outreach plan that lets people communicate with us in the ways they are most comfortable and provides a transparent process that validates the input given.

Our Project Website 

Visit often because it's here you will be able to find everything you want to know about the General Plan Update:

  • Project information and overview and purpose of the General Plan
  • Listing of all meetings (past and future)
  • All presentations and materials produced for public meetings and workshops
  • Fact sheets regarding the planning process
  • All drafts and materials produced for the Plan
  • Library with all relevant documents

You can also send us questions or comments via the site's Talk to Us page.

We Want to Hear Your Ideas 

Over the next few years, we'll be asking for your idea and comments using online and mailed polls, interactive city hall meetings and variety of other ways to make it easy for you to tell us what you think.

Meetings and Workshops 

Over the next several years we will be holding a series of public workshops to talk about various options for the elements of the general plan and their development. In addition, our Steering Committee will be holding meetings to dig a little deeper into specific issues, and although they are not open to the public the committee is comprised of Glendale residents. Of course all of our other meetings are open to the public but if you miss one don't worry. We'll be posting all meeting agendas, materials and minutes online so can keep track of the process.

Steering CommitteE MEMBERS 

The City is conducting a focused update of the Glendale General Plan. The plan and its elements guide future development and important policy decisions and form the "blueprint" of the City's physical plan for the upcoming 20 years. As part of the update process, the City Council has formed a steering committee of residents to provide input to help guide the discussion.

Emmanuel Allen (Cactus District)
Mark Burdick (Sahuaro District)
Miles Charles (Cholla District)
David Coble (Cholla District)
Arthur G. Dobbelaere (Cholla District)
Amanda Froes (Sahuaro District)
John Geurs (Ocotillo District)
Noel Griemsmann
James Grose (Cholla District)
Rick Harper (Sahuaro District)
Robert Heidt (Glendale Chamber)
Gary Hirsch (Cactus District)
Chuck Jared (Cactus District)
Darrin Lacey (Sahuaro District)
Bruce Larson (Cholla District)
Barbara Lentz (Sahuaro District)
Danielle Martinez (Sahuaro District)
Reginald Martinez (Barrel District)
Elizabeth Medina (Barrel District)
Randy Miller (Barrel District)
Martin Nowakowski (Yucca District)
Edwin Nyberg (Cholla District)
Rebecca Ontiveros (Ocotillo District)
Thomas Orlikowski (Barrel District)
Brian Pirooz (Cholla District)
Barbara Plante (Luke AFB)
Scott Richmond (Yucca District)
Alicia Rubio (Ocotillo District)
Tom Schmitt (Yucca District)
Dr. Francis (Frank) Sisti (Cholla District)
Leslie Sheeler (Ocotillo District)
Charles Whiffen (Barrel District)
Kenneth Wixon (Cactus District)
Jacoba M. Worsdell (Ocotillo District)
Erminie P. Zarra (Yucca District)

How was the Steering Committee establisheD?

The Council has adopted City Ordinance No. 2872 (January 14, 2014) which established the Steering Committee, a group of residents appointed by the Council to help guide the development of the update. In accordance with current practices, recruitment was processed by the Government Services Committee (GSC). Additional members consisting of business and community leaders selected by staff were recommended to GSC and Council for appointment to the Steering Committee.

What will the Steering Committee do?

The Steering Committee is an advisory body that will provide feedback and recommendations for this focused update at key points in the process. They will participate in workshops and public hearings, assist in the development of the plan and provide guidance to Matrix, City staff and to the Planning Commission on all aspects of the process.

In the Community and In the News 

Look for us at local community meetings and events. We'll also be working closely with local news media in the area to get the word out about the Update and ways people can participate.

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